Hello! I’m from the Internet

Hello, I’m from the Internet and I would like to introduce my self. I’m a web designer, web developer, front end engineer, a Node.js user, father, JavaScript pirate and overall performance whore. I love to find out what makes the Internet tick and how to make it tick more efficiently. I started out as web designer and started educating my self to learn more about programming and especially JavaScript.

I started learning JavaScript by using the Adobe Spry Framework, it didn’t provide any API sugar for JavaScript like jQuery does but it just makes it dead simple to create powerful applications with a few line of code. I was amazed by the fact that it’s so easy to write powerful JavaScript applications and wanted to learn more about it. I started reading through the documentation, examples, articles and best practises. They provided me with a little satisfaction. I wanted to know how it worked so I started digging deeper, studying the source code of the framework. It taught me a really valuable lesson, you can read all the documentation that you want but that doesn’t tell you how a function actually works. Not long after that I got contacted by Scott Fegette from the Adobe Dreamweaver product team, they noticed my activity and passion for Spry and asked be to become a Adobe Community Expert for Spry.

Ever since it feels like I have been on a roller coaster. I have had the privilege to talk with amazing developers, build new widgets and web services for Spry and got in contact with the main Spry Framework developers, Donald Booth and Kin Blas. I went to Don’s session at Adobe MAX 2008 and in 2009 I got the opportunity to speak at Adobe MAX 2009 in LA.

Spry opened my eyes and showed me the power and beauty of JavaScript but when Ryan Dahl announced Node.js as JSconf it opened my eyes even further. After the some what embarrassing fail of Aptana Jaxer to bring JavaScript and DOM to the server it seemed like that Node.js really had potential. In 2011 I entered the Node Knock Out (NKO) a 48 hour coding competition for Node.js based applications. During these 48 hours I build Speedo a real time usability SaaS which allowed you to create heat maps of your website users activity while they where interacting with your interface. During the judging I received a overall score of 8.44 and became second in the solo category.

I now spend my days writing and contributing to Node.js modules such as Node-Memcached, Socket.IO and much much more.

So hello! I’m Arnout Kazemier and I’ll try to share my knowledge, tips, tricks and rants with the rest of the world.


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